Subverting Tuscaloosa News’ Paywall!!!!

Is totally impossible….

Unless you have google chrome. File -> New Incognito Window -> browse at will.

Not that anyone cares mind you, but if you do, now you know.

Cheers T-news!


4 thoughts on “Subverting Tuscaloosa News’ Paywall!!!!

  1. Anaan says:

    A+++ posts lately. You’re doing the lord’s work here.

  2. your blog is retarded says:

    …except that it doesn’t work. Great job at being all “subversive,” dipshit! you are my favorite blog and you say the smartest things. thanks for being such a great blog and being wonderful. you are my heroes.

  3. uglytusk says:

    works for me pal. i think you’re mistaking what “to subvert” and what “subversive” mean. thanks though!!!!

  4. Firefox Private Browse works too. I got on in Safe Mode, but not sure whether that matters. You can even sign in using Facebook and leave comments after accessing the site this way.

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