So, We’re All Agreed that Bama Students for Life Are Douches?

Sometimes I worry about the students at UA. They can be apathetic, they can be terrifyingly conservative, they like Sublime. But, sometimes, they surprise the living shit out of me with their maturity; even when it comes to such a charged issue like abortion.

I realize that it can seem like the d-bags at BSFL – and their parent creeps the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform by Plastering College Campuses with Bullshit Images Because They Know Adults Won’t Stand for Their Nonsense – have won. That they’ve made a difference. Guess what, they haven’t.

Poke around on the internets a bit yourself if you don’t believe me:

Their Facebook page had 166 likes this morning. It has 167 now. Damn fine recruitin’ y’all.

The reactions on the CeeDub opinion piece are largely of the “these guys are douches” ilk.


And this goes on and on.

In case any of the twits from BSFL see this: you do realize that most of these people seem to be pro-life, right? You’re turning off your core audience with your bullshit theatrics.

I could go on and on, how they drifted off the front page of in about 10 minutes, etc etc etc. But, there’s no reason. These idiots have failed. They have failed because UA students were too smart for their bullshit.

You done good today UA, real good.


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