Won’t Someone Think of the Children!?!???!?!?!?

While most of the country is slowly lurching toward decriminalization and legalization of Marijuana (and gay marriage and are places you can still get abortions) Alabama is still proving that they are never, ever leaving the 1950’s. Ever.

In an act of pure reefer madness, state officials are going to “RAISE AWARENESS!!!” about candy infused with THC because they caught one college student with them.

Someone has to think of the children at a time like this! One college kid was busted with Marijuana candy and everybody knows that because of that in a week from now all the elementary school kids are going to be eating at Taco Bell, turning their iPhones into bongs and might even start to think the work of Seth Mcfarlane is funny!

As per usual, the old Al.com editorialized when there was no reason to; stroking off their conservative base, as they’re wont to do when they’re not trying to piss them off:

Whether Cheeba Chews will ever turn up in area’s school is anyone’s guess, but Solberg said school personnel and parents need to be able to recognize it.

It truly is anyone’s guess whether these legal – in CA and CO – chews will start showing up in schools. It’s anyone’s guess! Here’s my guess: they won’t your reactionary fucking twits.


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