We’re Actually Supposed to Be Proud of This?

There is an article today on the Al.com. It’s the usual “thank god we’re not the most embarrassing state in the south” tripe Al.com runs when they’re not race, liberal or class baiting. The article wants all Alabamians to give themselves a pat on the back for issuing pardons to the Scottsboro Boys!

We should be happy about this because these pardons only came 82 years late, also we don’t have segregated proms! A small town in Georgia still has segregated proms, in case you haven’t read any news at all in the last week.

I think we can all acknowledge that the segregated prom issue is fucked, seriously fucked, or we should at least focus on that instead of doing what Alabama always does “HEY Y’AL, WE’RE COMPLETELY FUCKED UP AS A STATE, BUT LEAST WE AIN’T MISSISSIPPI!”

No one should be patting themselves on the back because our completely fucked up state government decided to pardon the Scottsboro Boys while Georgia is holding Jim Crow proms. This state, on the whole, is stil infinitely more fucked up than Georgia .Alabama has a long, long, long way to go before it joins the 21st century.


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