Tuscaloosa News is putting up a pay wall folks.They actually think people are going to pay $12.78 a month to read the Tuscaloosa News online. Bwahahahahahahahhahaha. People don’t pay for blockbuster fucking movies and albums online. You really think they’re gonna pay more, per month, for a local newspaper than they would for an album on iTunes? This has to be an April Fool’s joke, right? Seriously, it has to be. What’s next, the CW charging $3 dining dollars per opinion piece view?

This is going to be a hilarious disaster that will certainly result in their riverside building being turned into yet another UA Rec facility (Smoothie King Y’all!)

Instead of trying to produce web-based content that attracts readers (and thus, advertisers) the T-news is going with the tried and true logic of “Fuck it, we’ll make em pay for the mediocrity they enjoy for free now!”

I won’t even bother getting into the myriad ways this is an awful, awful decision. If this lasts more than two months, this will probably be the end of the paper. Mark my words….maaaaaark them!


One thought on “El-Oh-El

  1. rs weatherly says:

    fuck em

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