Some Damn Fine Journalism Today

On easter Sunday or, as I like to call it, “the day Cadbury Creme Eggs Die.” Rest in peace sweet yolky flavored center princes. Further confirming that Alabama is a backwater state full of nothing but bible thumping gumps (minus you dear, enlighted Tusk readers), ran a piece on elected officials FAVORITE BIBLE PASSAGES OMG. The comments are the usual cesspool of righteous indignation and “Obama has horns! I seen ’em.” that we’ve all come to expect from what is literally the WORST NEWS ORGANIZATION in the entire nation. The worst.

Tuscaloosa News, on the other hand, seems to be gunning for another Pulitzer with this hard hitting piece “Is homosexuality a sin? More people, including in Tuscaloosa, say no

ugh. Ugh, is all I can say. The comments here are more of what you’d expect: mouthbreathers saying it’s a goddamn sin and people pointing out that eating pork and shellfish is a similar sin and blah blah blah.


One thought on “Some Damn Fine Journalism Today

  1. Both papers are laying it on thick today. A full-frontal black front page on the Tuscaloosa News as if the mayor had been assassinated, followed by a gushy thing at about the “love story” of Moore packing his wife up in a nursing home 20 years ago. UA’s athletic director retired and up and died of natural causes. Really, that’s the biggest obituary in the past 10 years? Lord help us if something happens to Saban.

    You would think they’d leave the in-depth campus coverage to the newspaper, radio and TV stations run by UA.

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