This Guy

Ugh, I don’t know why I bothered to check the comments on about Gay Marriage/The Supreme Court…but, I did.

There’s one dipshit saying particularly awful things, like:

Gay is wrong no matter what anyone says. The problem is all these people supporting gays are either gay or have a family member that is gay. This is there way to justify their problems. They know they have went wrong somehow or someway with the GAY child they raised and now they support them being gay and they are trying to make America think it is great to be gay. No it is not great to be gay. It is shameful and all of them should be disgusted with themselves just as I am disgusted with them.


I don’t worry about gay people I just don’t want them around. And YES I do hate how they act. They are disgusting. Face it your comments only show me you are one of these people I can’t stand. I am not stereotyping… LIMP Wrist D***SUC**RS

This guy, well, he ain’t too bright for obvious reasons. He also left his Facebook link in his profile.

Ladies and gents, I give you: Chris Moore of Columbia, South Carolina.

Seriously, fuck this guy.


One thought on “This Guy

  1. Of course he has a gamecock tattoo. Of course he works in corrections. Of course.

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