Webster’s Defines Courage As

Seriously CeeDub? Is there anyone on campus who is unaware of the definition of vice? We are talking about a student population where 80% believe in angels and a 6,000 year old world and a guy with a spiky tail who likes to hang out in an eternal fire pit. They are aware of vice. Granted, there are probably a few dullards who don’t know the definition; but they’re unlikely to pick up a paper.

This article is great. We learn a lot of things, like: smoking is bad.

Then someone said this!

Wilcox said she thinks social media has caused students to forget how to interact with each other, and consuming alcohol often helps them loosen up in social situations.

Wut? Seriously? You really think twitter is the cause of college student drinking? What was it in the 90’s? The diskmen? All those kids in the 90’s with their diskmen and their Extreme and Duncan Sheik CD’s making them all isolated and awkward. In the 80’s was it the Walkman and Foreigner tapes and all that isolation making ’em forget how to interact with each other so drinking became the only solution??




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