Ohhh, That’s What Happened

hooooooooo, boy. You see that CW article that got like the most comments ever? Right, something about all of that didn’t feel right. For one, there aren’t that many people who read the CW and there aren’t that many people who get fired up about anything on this campus…well, anything that doesn’t involve taking away their stupid greek traditions. The more I thought about it, the more I thought “something about this doesn’t seem right.” That’s really what I thought.

But then I remembered the one horrifying afternoon I spent reading a sub section of that haven of misguided white male privilege: the reddit.

Yep, I remembered that /r/mensrights was a thing. I popped that link into ma web browser and wouldn’t you know what was on the front page:

Add your comment to site where college administrator said: “There’s really no false accusations. If someone feels they didn’t give consent, then they didn’t give consent.”

This doesn’t make any of this any better. It just makes it a little easier that these assholes don’t go to this school.

Also, misandry is a fucking word? Wild.


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