Tray Smith Thinks You Should All Have Guns!!

hi. i’m tray smith, opinions editor of the crimson white. i think kids, children really, who can barely cross the street should be running around campus with guns. it would be a really smart idea. i don’t know about you guys, but if i’m going to get into some shit, like if it’s really gonna go down, the person i want protecting me is a lambda chi with windswept bangs who’s been raised in the suburbs of birmingham and doesn’t realize that not everyone’s parents by them a bimmer on their 16th birthday. yeah, that’s the guy i want running around campus with a concealed weapon.

are you out of your ever loving fucking mind tray smith? seriously?

smith makes the brilliant case that guns deter crime you guys! he used a 2003 study published in the stanford law review. it’s a good thing that once these studies are published nine years ago that they become fact and no one ever does a study that could contradict them…or do they? holy shit, turns out they do! omg, i can look up studies too! here’s one from that same year published in the stanford law review! this study is a study of the study tray smith references! turns out maybe guns don’t lead to less crime after all.

While we do not want to overstate the strength of the conclusions that can be drawn from the  extremely variable results emerging from the statistical analysis, if anything, there is stronger evidence for the conclusion that these laws (concealed carry laws) increase crime than there is for the conclusion that they decrease it.

This is seriously the stupidest thing i’ve ever read. the. stupidest.

anyway, here’s a tray clip from the wayback machine, going all the way back to when he was the opinions editor, before he left that post to do “hard journalism” back when he was making sweet sweet videos which we found and loved (and the cw turned into a  feature without ever crediting us for realizing the unintentional comedy gold.)

(woah,  just had three tray smith videos going while m83 played in the background, it was like a conservative red pants remix.)

KEEP IT CLASSY, Y’ALL, ROLL TIDE (awkward high five.)


2 thoughts on “Tray Smith Thinks You Should All Have Guns!!

  1. Jim Bo says:

    I absolutely adore how he tells the only two minorities in the video to avoid arrest while they’re in Panama. Apparently he doesn’t know that Panama is not in Alabama and there’s a good chance they won’t get bothered by the police for being black while vacationing there.

  2. DaveM says:

    “Panama City Beach!”

    “Panama City Beach!”

    “So y’all goin together or…?

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