Alabama’s #1 City! (hint: it’s not actually a city)

Jesus christ, naming a suburb as “number 1 city!” what’s next? olive garden as favorite restaurant? sadly i think this would be the case should any statewide poll be conducted. Anyway, ran a stupid article about the 10 best “cities” (lol, cities in alabama) and mountain brook was the winner! it was the winner because it is painfully white and some of the shops look like an english village and all the white people make a lot of money y’all!

these lists are usually complete bullshit and this one is the bullshittiest of them all. here’s the only list you’ll ever need: all the cities in alabama suck a dick. they’re horribly planned, have few to no walkable areas, lack decent public transportation, are bereft of coffee shops and locally owned business of any sort. birmingham is trying, they’ve got like one street that almost looks like a real city…until you walk around a block and you are reminded that most of the city looks the zombie apocalypse started a month ago and omg you just woke up in a hospital where the fuck did all the people go?

One city that was shamefully left off this list is Florence. Florence actually has most of the shit you’d want in a city. It’s got some coffee shops ans restaurants. It’s got a world class fashion designer who seems to legitimately care about developing the community. It’s got the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the state. It’s a place that doesn’t feel like the sort of place where a good old boy’s gonna call you a queer because your jeans fit. Look at it!


One thought on “Alabama’s #1 City! (hint: it’s not actually a city)

  1. Bob says:

    I’ve lived in Florence since April and I really like it. The Shoals has Billy Reid, lots of concerts (often free), an active art museum, the ren faire, music festivals, parks, a huge library, no starbucks (a plus) because there are plenty of local coffee shops, a local record store, multiple community theatre venues and some really great restaurants. Not to mention a rotating 360 degree restaurant and other fine dining. Plus the Shoals theatre is raising money to buy a film projector so they can start showing classic and art house movies this summer. Oh yeah, and the Frank Lloyd Wright house. Plus the city has made keeping its downtown thriving a focal point with big downtown events.

    Then right over the river there is Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia and Sheffield which all have quaint little down towns with local book stores and restaurants and parks and art museums. Plus Hellen Keller’s home is in Tuscubmia.

    The only knock against Florence is it only has two downtown bars and they’re both meh.

    I’ve lived all over Alabama and for my money, Florence has to be the best city of its size. And the cool-cultural-stuff-to-people-ratio has to be the highest in the state. It could be better. There are always places to improve, but I’ve been very impressed with Florence and the Shoals. But we don’t get attention because we don’t have an interstate. Then again, maybe that’s for the best.

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