Alabama: You Nasty Today

Seriously Alabama. I know it’s been a while since you reminded the rest of the country that you are the most embarrassing state in the union, but let’s take it down a notch or two.

Up first, we have a doping scandal that could only come out of the heart of dixie. Bama players are shooting something called deer antler spray into their mouths before football games. Um. Wut? Insert your own tree stand/deer piss joke here.

The Tuscaloosa News actually ran this headline:

Abortions are infant sacrifices to radical feminism

Seriously, why are we letting people who think the bible is a history book say things in public anymore? Can’t we just buy an island or lay enough charges along the florida border to blow that sumbitch into the ocean and leave them there? Please?

And finally, this jerkoff actually made it to the front page of reddit today:

There was something else, but you know, it will be 10 other things in three days. Keep it classy Alabama, you’re proving them all wrong.


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