Oh Alabama, Sometimes I Love You

You ever see an illegal gambling operation in a movie? It’s usually a smokey opium den setup with a bunch of 362 year old asian men playing pai gow and at least one grizzled nam vet playing russian roulette. They’re kind of awesome.

Tuscaloosa police busted up a local illegal gambling ring the other day and it is exactly like an illegal gambling operation in a movie; except it’s just the opposite. There was an Asian fella involved – I think one asian fella is a legal requirement of any illegal gambling operation – but as far as I can tell, none of the other cool shit was in play at this illegal gambling operation.

But there was a guy called Wiley Pickens Gordon II arrested at the scene. Jesus christ if that ain’t the most goddamn Alabama name I ever heard I’ll suck the chaff off a steer penis. Not only is there already a Wiley Pickens Gordon, but there’s another one. I also enjoy his choice to go by the much more dignified “the second” as opposed to junior. Class act old Wiley Pickens Gordon II.


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