Jesus Christ

Reading is like reading the Onion, except none of it is satire. Today they ran a story about a lady seeing the face of jesus in a door. Seriously, they did this. Before I continue, I would like to point out that the author of the article, Greg Garrison, seems to realize how ridiculous this whole thing is. See his comment here:

Looks like Greg Garrison to me!
never mind likes this.
6 Hours Ago · Reply

Greg Garrison |
Are you saying I look like Squidward?

So the author seems to acknowledge here that this thing looks more like squidward than old haysoos. Here is the deified door in all its glory:

See, looks exactly like jesus. Here are some other jesuses I’ve found in the wild.

Jesus jesus jesus. See? Look at the chairy visage of the king of kings. Tis the season, you know.

What I find most batshit crazy about all of this is that the CEO of the hospital actually gave this some credence:

Dr. Sandral Hullett, chief executive officer at Cooper Green, came to look at the door. “I take it as a sign,” Hullett said. “It might be telling us we’re going to be all right

This woman has an MD and she thinks there is a picture of jesus in some knots of wood. God help us all.


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