Alabammer Done Good at Book Learnin

Oh look, ran a piece about education in the state.

Turns out that Bama ain’t all that bad at rithmatic:

Alabama students’ math skills are about equal to those of students in the Ukraine, Norway, Romania and the United Arab Emirates

and holee shit, we done beat some of the foreigny types:

Doing worse than Alabama were 19 countries, including: Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

The only problem is that this study comprised 1,000 schools. If we assume that most 8th graders, who this study tested, are grouped in the old high school demographic, that means 4% of students were surveyed, give or take (there are 24,651 secondary schools nationwide according to national center for education statistics).

I’m no mathematician and I’m not saying this study is statistically insignificant, but 4% of the available population hardly seems like a decent benchmark. The real problem is that this article fails to make mention of the fact that Alabama is still bottom of the barrel in math and science in the US. Here, here’s a map:

As you can plainly see, math and science, much like obesity and accidental death by groin shot injury, is yet another case of “thank god for Mississippi”. The graphic doesn’t have numbers and I’m too lazy to check; but if I had to guess, I’d say we’re ranked in our usual pole position slot of 49.

So yay Alabama, you might be smarter at math than some other countries but who knows because this study seems really light on real data, yay!


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