Drobert and the Half Truths Tonight Yo!

Doods, get stoked. Get to the Green Bar. It’s probably going to rule. You know you should be excited because you don’t have to see another show from that guy who is in a terrible band who a little bird told me got kicked out of a local watering hole last night for shoving someone off a stool. I’m kinda glad I know this guy is a dick now because we can all finally talk about how much his new band sucks. Seriously, they’re terrible.

Go see Derobert and the Half Truths though!

edit: updated to reflect our mistake about this guy being in the dexateens. our bad.


2 thoughts on “Drobert and the Half Truths Tonight Yo!

  1. Screamin' Eagle RL says:

    Well, I must say, what new band does that dick have? What shows of his have you been seeing or hearing about? I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t played a show in Tuscaloosa in about a year or more.

    • uglytusk says:

      oh shit. my bad. we had it from an unreliable source that the person in this band was also in the dexateens. turns out it’s someone else around town who’s had one millions bands. our mistake, we’ll fix it.

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