Which Wich OMG!

I am so excited. You guys we are getting a new sandwich place to buy sandwiches. This new restaurant will offer down home cooking with an authentic feel and it is locally owned by a guy who owns a bunch of other chain restaurants! Which wich is wacky. They have peace signs on their web site. I know what you’re thinking “ugh, another chain restaurant.” But this chain restaurant is probably not the same! It has a really wacky story about how it started, see:

Frustrated by the lack of great sandwiches available in quick service restaurants and bored by burned-out sandwich brands, Jeff Sinelli, founder and former CEO of Genghis Grill, set his mind to creating a fresh, innovative concept featuring superior sandwiches served in an edgy, magnetic environment.

If that story of gee dee american startin up a new franchise stick-to-itiveness doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t kno what will (also, Genghis Grill LOL amirite?)

This new place that serves boring overpriced chain store food is in the “Boulevard Lofts” which is a funny name for some shitty new apartments since it doesn’t sit on a boulevard and those shitty apartments are distinctly not lofts.


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