Druid City Brewing Tonight!

Go get some:

Tell your friends, tell you friends friends, share post!!Tonight is the night Druid City Pale will go on tap!! The Pale will be available today at Egans, Wilhagans, The Alcove and the Downtown Pub as soon as there is room. There has been a change in the special launch beers so here is a recap. We will be attending each of these with some DCBC swag to share and to talk beer.

Tonight 6pm “The” Egans Bar The “Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter” this puppy’s name says it all. It’s like drinking a black velvet painting of Elvis. It’s been a favorite around the brewery since before there was a brewery .

Tomorrow 6pm Wilhagan’s Tuscaloosa Our “River Side Sasion”. It’s a variation on our “Sundress Sasion” but with New Zealand grown Pacific Gem hops that add aroma of ripe melon with earthy and floral tones.

Friday 6pm Alcove International Tavern “Snow’s Bend Harvest Ale”. An Ale brewed with Snow’s Bend butternut squash. Think a pumpkin ale but minus the over the top nutmeg and cinnamon finished with a smooth brown sugar and caramel note.

Sunday at the Downtown pub we are working with Amy, Bob and Bear to set up something with a variation of the Sasion with a different yeast. Changing the yeast can make it a totally different beer. This batch has a musty fruitiness that plays so well. As soon as we have it confirmed we will let you know here.


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