Bammer Christmas: Etsy Edition

It might surprise both of you, dear regular readers, to know that I love the shit out of Christmas. Seriously, it’s the best. So, in the spirit of all things Santa Claus-y and Rudolph times and what have you, I’m gonna post some shit that is somehow locally related in some way that you should buy for your boo or your slampiece (god frat boys are gross) or your lover or your mom. Whatevers. This is the Etsy edition! Onward!

This vintage bama shirt rules and would be a perfect gift for that husky roll tide fan in your life:

I’m generally not into knick knacks and brick a brack, but this old Alabamer license plate is cool and it’s only eight bucks. Stocking stuffer yo!

I don’t know what Shovels and Rope is, but this print kinda rules and it’s cheap!

Nick Saban letterpress!

Ok, I can’t look at anymore “Keep Calm and Roll Tide” shitty prints. More Chrimmas stuff to come wooooooooooooo.


One thought on “Bammer Christmas: Etsy Edition

  1. Jett says:

    HA, I love the tone of your site and love this entry. I run Twang Vintage, where you found the license plate. I get my fair share of features, but this one made me terrifically happy. Thank you!.

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