Someone’s Gonna Need to Explain This One To Me

Ok, this girl Summer Moody was shot in the head in April and died. She was shot because her and three of her friends were being dumbass 17-year-olds and breaking into “fishing camps”, whatever the fuck that is.

Turns out two fellas with guns saw the kids and fired warning shots (brilliant, fire warning shots at kids for acting like assholes.) One of the shots hit Moody and she died.

Now three people are in jail.

Was it the cowboys who came out with guns blazing?

Nope, it’s the three kids who were with her. And they’re being charged with murder. What. the. fucking. fuck. Am I missing something here? The guy who killed this girl got off, scott free, but the kids who were with her are on trial for murder?

Seriously, someone tell me I am reading this wrong. Thank god I grew up in a state that wasn’t lousy with gumps looking to shoot their guns at kids acting like assholes, I’d be dead 15 times over for some of the dumb shit I pulled when I was 17.


One thought on “Someone’s Gonna Need to Explain This One To Me

  1. anaan says:

    This is Alabama. Everything is backwards here.

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