PSA: Give This Girl a Few Dollars if You Can

Some asshole redneck piece of shit in Mobile beat up his sister’s girlfriend. Based on her hasty discharge and her family’s efforts to set up a fund to cover her medical bills, I’m guessing she doesn’t have insurance. You can make a donation at any Regions Bank in the name Mallory Owens. Deets:

Hey all, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where people can make donations for Mallory Owens’s medical bills. The family says a donation fund has been set up in her name, and you can donate at any Regions Bank.

I dunno, maybe we should start a kickstarter for her too? Seems like we’d be able to get more of the kids that way.

The full story is here, warning this might be a trigger. The photo is pretty gruesome. Anyway, tell your friends about this or post here if you think we should do a kickstarter or some other crowdsourced way to raise some $$ that’s easier than going to a bank.


One thought on “PSA: Give This Girl a Few Dollars if You Can

  1. Sarah Price says:

    I am/was outraged. The only interesting thing about this story is that Mallory stated today that he didn’t beat her because she is a lesbian. Also, the last time he beat her she refused to press charges…something is not quite right with the whole thing

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