I’m Not Even Gonna Comment on This

Edit: Oops, here’s the link.

Seriously. I’m just going to post things from this opinion piece:

The bus has long been associated with what people often refer to as “the poor.” Not just in America, but everywhere else.

Ok, I can’t. You realize people up north, in large cities, ride the bus all the time? Ever heard of London? They have this crazy bus system that folks ride all the time. Even people going to finance jobs in the city! Sigh.

And it’s rather funny to stop and think that we still pride ourselves on dividing trains and airplanes into economy, business and first class without giving it a second thought. For hours and hours we are literally seated in rigid class formation, threatened by fines if we don’t obey the boundaries. But this has just become one of those things we all accept. Just as many people here accept that the Greyhound bus belongs to the underbelly of American society.

Just, wut?

They stared intently at their shabby suitcases before one of them said, “I ain’t got a bank account.” They launched enthusiastically into a conversation about unaffordable rent and where was best to hide your money if you don’t have the luxury of a bank to look after it for you.

I’m glad you read the Grapes of Wrath or Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and you think you are doing the same thing here. You are not.

I felt a little out of place sat with my copy of “Hamlet” and hummus sandwich.

Poor folks don’t read no books or eat no chickpeas!



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