Crimson White Runs a Plant Column

Crimson White turns into a plant. No, I don’t mean that the Ceedub is writing about herbs and such. What they did do is run a column about how the fans should stay for the entire game. First of all, that shit cray. Schedule some decent games not meant to pad your schedule – oops, can we talk about this now? – and we will stay for the whole game.

But whatever. What’s getting under my craw is the timing of all this. See, this column ran Nov. 8.

Now, I heard from a little birdy that all the heads of folks with block seating were called to a SPECIAL EMERGENCY MEETING that same week. What was this meeting about you ask? Well it seems that Miss Terry, yes that Ms. Terry, Ms. Terry Saban, was straight up pissed that students were leaving the game before half.

Which brings us back around to the CeeDub that mysteriously ran what I think is an editorial column, who fucking knows these days b/c the web site is such a spotty mess these days but it’s attributed to the managing editor, THAT SAME WEEK.

Again, I can’t tell who wrote this fucking thing. If it’s a letter to the editor, then by all means carry on. If it came from the staff, though, shame on you.

Way to maintain your independence and integrity ceedub.

TL;DR: Terry Saban is pissed at student leaving football games early. CW mysteriously runs a column encouraging fans to stay at the games longer the same week that Terry Saban gives it to the SGA, who then gives it to block seating head. Curious, no?


3 thoughts on “Crimson White Runs a Plant Column

  1. But you see, the UA faithful needs our attendance for uhh–*looks up schedule*–uhh, Western Carolina?

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    This is some Bilderburg shit right here.

  3. Jim Bo says:

    IT’S A TRAP!


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