Here’s Your Run Down of Alabama Embarrassments

Don’t have time to comb the news today for all the ways Alabama is polishing its rusty national image? Well, I do. Here ya go:

This asshole in Pennsacola (yeah, I know it’s Florida but it’s right on the line and that part of Florida might as well be Alabama) went in blackface for halloween. Not ok.

The bearded d-bag who’s only cultural relevance in the last 20 years came as a series of jokes at his expense which he un-ironically embraced, thus killing the joke and allowing dos equis beer to co-opt it, has endorsed the batshit crazy jesus warrior running for chief justice in the state. Awesome. Even better, posted a meme photo with their story. Journalism folks, this is it.

And finally, bible thumpers in Auburn threatened members of the state’s first high school Freethinkers club. Awesome. Love thy neighbor and all that, unless they don’t believe in zombie jesus; then you threaten them with a shotgun.


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