Sororities Get in on the Embarrassment

UPDATE: See the pic below.

Hypothetical situation: What happens when you take a bunch of upper middle class white kids with access to daddy’s credit card, no sense of personal responsibility, a lifetime of entitlement and being told they’re special little flowers every day?

Shit like this is exactly what happens:

From an email sent to Capstone Alliance members:

This past weekend the Kappa Delta sorority on Magnolia Drive hosted a Halloween event (possibly in conjunction Homecoming over the weekend) that included a an elaborate yard display that included a sign — in the shape of a tombstone — upon which the text “Freshmen Die of Being Dodgeball Dikes” was written.

Way to misspell dykes braintrust. Now, I’ve seen party pictures of homeless themed parties (classy) and indian parties and of course we’ve all seen blackface photos from years past. This shit is nothing new. It’s incredibly stupid and awful. It’s even stupider when you take into account that these racist clubs are under the microscope right now. Anyone have this picture? Anyway, here’s the full statement from Capstone Alliance to the admin:

Official Statement:
Over Halloween weekend, members of the university community
used anti-gay hate speech as part of their Halloween activities. Hate
speech of any kind is not tolerated under university policies, and
sexual orientation is protected by the university’s anti-discrimination
policies. However, these official stances do not prevent instances of
hurtful behavior, both verbal and physical, by members of the UA
community towards their LGBTQ+ and allied friends, neighbors, faculty,
staff or fellow students.
Capstone Alliance, representing faculty, staff, and
graduate students who identify as LGBTQ+ and those who identify as
allies of equal rights and protections for this population, as well as
Safe Zone, the university’s only resource fully dedicated to LGBTQ+
outreach and education, condemn the use of hate speech and call for a
swift, effective response from the university.
That the event occurred in residential space does not
remove the university from accountability; it was perpetrated by and
directed at university community members who reside on university
property. That the event is connected to Greek organization does not
warrant a hands-off response from the university; all student groups
are held to the same Code of Conduct and non-discrimination policies.
That the event was part of Halloween “fun” does not sanction a casual
response to the pain and humiliation and injustice suffered by these
careless actions.
Capstone Alliance members, Safe Zone allies, and all our
supporters on campus ask that the university, from the highest levels
down, address the harm done by this insensitive prank. We also call for
meaningful, lasting, impactful programs and actions to address
ignorance and intolerance related to LGBTQ+ persons in our community.

Never forget:


2 thoughts on “Sororities Get in on the Embarrassment

  1. That wasn’t a “prank,” it was a CLEVER decoration. Everyone knows those sports dykes are such losers! Cheering men on and practicing to be good trophy wives is way more satisfying than anything an athlete could achieve for herself. Sheesh.

  2. Wait a minute. What’s a dodgeball dyke? Dodgeball’s not a real sport, so they weren’t disparaging athletes at all. I rescind my previous comment. No idea what the feverish pomper was trying to say.

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