Listen Up Children

Before I start, I want to make it very clear that this post is not meant in any way to slag the CeeDub and their coverage of the whole Hazing Apocalypse 2012. I think they’ve been doing a bang up job.

But, all of you who are sitting around in your neon tanktops and fishing shirts and weeping softly into your spit cups in your F750 pickups need to STFU that this is somehow the CW’s “fault.”

It’s very simple, it’s really just a mathematical equation for the school. Do you really think the school would piss off that many potential donors if shutting down pledgeship wasn’t in their best interests? Do you?

Here, let me do some guzintas for you:

Potential donations by greeks < potential liability if some kid dies or gets seriously injured because of your dumb shit + loss of tuition, state funds, other $$, intangible dollars related to bad press.

You see, when the dollar figures outweigh the potential dollars they won't get from pissed off greeks the admin shuts shit down.

Also, shut up about the call in line being "anonymous" or the CW using "anonymous" sources. The hotline has to be anonymous so you aholes don't beat the crap out of or ostracize a whistleblower. Have you read a newspaper? Anonymous sources are a valued and protected way to get information. Google deepthroat. Watch the porn, then read about the other one.

High fives to the Crimson White, high fives to whoever convinced former Frat Bro Tim Hebson that maybe there is a problem with all this "male bonding."


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