Frat Frat Frat Frat Frat Frat

So much frat news this week b/c bros are fratting so hard. Did you hear that the U suspended pledge? They did. I’m guessing it has something to do with a football player and Sigma Chi Bro Kelly Johnson, ha! he has a girl’s name, kicking the snot out of a pledge two years ago. Awesome. You have to love a university that not only endorses but seems to go to great ends to placate this archaic segment of the student population. Why does this university support these drinking clubs so fully? Then they can’t understand that 18 year old kids are being abused by the 20 year old dipshits who are supposed to be responsible for them and guide them into the “brotherhood.”

That’s to say nothing of the the institutionalized racism that comes hand in hand with these stupid clubs. It’s not 1964 UA. If you ever want to be considered among the best state schools in the country it’s time to relegate these stupid institutions to the backburner, the way most large colleges in the northeast have. Instead of them being hives of aspiring politicians who will go on to continue to bankrupt this state b/c taxes are socialist and muslim! Let’s make them what they’ve become up north, houses where sad men who have never seen a vagina can actually get laid by providing alcohol and a terrible dj.

Ugh, the comments on this story are disgusting:

Drink ’til you puke. Great idea. Better idea. Lay off the sauce, don’t wait two years before filing a lawsuit, and grow up.

Let’s see… a Frat party? Check.
Alcohol? Check.
College students? Check.
Fight? No way!

Get drunk, puke your guts out, get your tail whipped…and sue?

I really hate these people. So let’s get this straight, you’re pledging a bullshit institution and one of your brothers kicks you while you’re puking. You get pressured by 60 other brothers to keep your mouth shut if you want to be part of the brotherhood. Maybe over the course of a year and a half you grow up a little bit and start to realize that your “brotherhood” is bullshit and maybe you didn’t deserve to be kicked while you puked by a fucking football player and maybe you realize it’s time to take action. Everyone is fired up about it being two years, which is nothing, however 18 to 20 can mean a world of difference in maturity and realizing that frats are bullshit and you might have some recourse for being assaulted while you puked. Sayin.


One thought on “Frat Frat Frat Frat Frat Frat

  1. anaan says:

    And you know what? These shitlords will still have everything handed to them on a silver platter, no matter how badly they fucked up in undergrad, after they graduate.

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