Jesus Christ White People

Hey guyz, remember last year when you were really militant about bringing justice to those savages in africa and the only way they could ever be helped was by some white people riding in on their white horses and clicking on facebook links and buying sweet “action packs” to save them because you were all going to get that kony guy!?!?!?

Of course you don’t. You’ve moved onto your new iphones and galactic s4 bullshits or whatever you like. You could give a shit less about Kony or Africa anymore because, crazy as this seems, Facebook slacktivism doesn’t do a fucking thing!

Well, the honors college assembly isn’t going to let you off the hook that easy. They’re going to make sure that you keep half-assing it by showing Invisible Children’s 2009 film “the Rescue.”

Fuck. We were hoping once the CEO jerked off on a few hyundais that this whole thing would go away. But it hasn’t. Sigh. So go get some bracelets or whatever to help these white people feel better about themselves.

Soon enough it will be time for the ultra insulting Sleep Out on the Quad to raise awareness about Homelessness While We Watch a TV and Wear our $45 Shoes But OMG They Donate One Fucking Pair of These Shoes That Cost Four Cents to Manufacture to Poor People Who Don’t Need Shoes!!!!


Update! This video of the Invisible Children guy is too good not to share. Click the link. Then read the comments. They are amazing.


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