CW Commentor Doesn’t Understand What a Scientific Theory Is

Ok, I’m not even gonna talk about how this column is basically boiled down and alabamasized and turned into a column. I’m also not even gonna reference that my arguments about what a scientific theory is vs. what the word theory means when you and me use it rhetorically also come from /r/atheism. I just want you to read this comment and shake your head.

Wayne Hollyoak30 minutes agoDarwin was angry with his Creator and his “theory” that “natural selection” was capable of engineering all living things that have existed on this planet was his attempt to justify himself. His ideas turned his young daughter away from the Christian faith before her death. That coupled with Huxley’s pushing him to publish “Origin” so that he could “stick it” to the church that both men hated. Sadly, he caved in and published. Sadly, many believed his “natural selection” creation myth. So, now “science” wants to indoctrinate all of us with it’s weird notion that all of nature just invented itself. At least the “young earth” camp got the “origins” part right. I think “science” would do better if it stuck with subjects we understand a little better like “osmosis”, “ecology”, “cell division” and stuff like that.


Ok, Imma go tell Wayne that he’s a dummy.


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