White Freshmen Tells Ladies About Block Seating and Fraternities About Racism

It’s not even that I’m annoyed by a white guy speaking for ladies and minorities, I mean that’s what the Republicans are for, amirite?

What really annoys me about this letter to the editor by a freshman “from the north” is the ridiculous fucking deference shown to the greek system. As if criticizing them opens up this kid to a host of retaliation and ostracism. Maybe he’ll be dressed like a crow and hung upside down on a cross outside Paty for criticizing frats. Or not.

This bit is what I’m talking about:

I had wished to remain anonymous because of the polarity of this issue; however, this is forbidden by the CW, which I understand. Like I said before, I do think fraternities and sororities are great organizations beyond the campus and college years. I do not want to hinder any possible chances I have of getting into one of these groups because of its great benefits – even aside from block seating. After considering it, I realized this is my opinion, not yours. Also, I am not bashing the greek life; I am actually saying it has the right to block seating and has done nothing wrong.

Sigh, seriously? This guy shouldn’t be afraid to voice an opinion that doesn’t jibe with the frats. Also, there was this statement:

I am not saying fraternities and sororities are racist, because they definitely are not.

No son, that’s the thing, they are racist. Totally and completely racist. Though I heard one of the frats on old row has a member now whose great, great grandmother once shared a Pullman car with a Mulato. That’s practically a minority!


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