Roll Tide Tonight

Updating from campus feels gross and wrong, but desperate times friends.
Here is a song we’d all do well to learn and drunkenly  sing together this Saturday as the tide takes to Bryant-Denny for the first time this season:



Roll Tide tonight indeed. I’ve seen this song live and I have to say that’s where it really shines when it’s not bogged down by all the Saved By the Bell (trying to sound like all songs and no songs all at the same time) instrumentation going on here. Can we get a live B-side guys??


5 thoughts on “Roll Tide Tonight

  1. !!! This shit’s important and I’m goddamn glad you’re covering it. ROLL TIDE TONIGHT. WOO. Jam this shit at Egan’s!

  2. Give them a copy, Trey. Give everyone a copy. The big elephant would be honored. And so would we. Or whatever. RTT.

  3. uglytusk says:

    stop scooping me Davis! I was gonna post that later. Jesus.

    • Dave M says:

      I’ve got either a career-making essay in me about these sorts of lipsync videos, or a lot of wasted hours looking at shirtless straight boys. Not both.

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