Um, hello, Crimson White. Hi. This is the Tusk. Could you do us a favor? Could you make sure your stories have the proper historical context when necessary? Just a little bit would be nice? Maybe a sentence or two? We’re talking about this story about Pinterest and Etsy.

Ya see, the main conceit of this piece is that Pinterest and Etsy are at the forefront of a trend of “vintage” and “thrifted.” Well, we’d just like you to know there were some other places to get this sort of stuff before these sites. IT’S CALLED FUCKING EBAY AND A GODDAMN THRIFT STORE AND A FUCKING FLEA MARKET. ARRGHGHGH, HULK SMASH.

This isn’t a new trend. At all. It’s not even a resurgent trend. What this piece should be about is “omg, you guyz I drove my beamer to Deja Vu and I bought something that some other person used to own, JUST LIKE A POOR PERSON!”

Sorry, we’re trying real hard to control our rage over here. It’s a new thing for us. We love you. Also Deja Vu? That’s the only thrift store you name dropped in this story? Sorry, it’s barely a thrift. It’s a consignment that marks up garbage polos and bad khakis.

If you want a real thrift experience in Tuscaloosa check out Grace Aberdeen or Prose and Palaver.

These are actual vintage stores that are curated by folks with good taste and they sell things that are actually fucking vintage. I mean I’m sure three-year old tempo shorts and those awful cork wedges you bought last season are vintage somewhere but omfg they’re not and seriously, I know the 90’s for you were mostly about Pokemans, but you had to realize that the whole thrifted thing was a thing then, right? Go watch “Reality Bites” again. Srsly.

This message brought to you by our incapacitating hatred of all things Pinterest.


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