Brace Yourself

Like death and taxes and other things that always happen, the CeeDub is knee deep in the yearly shitstorm of parking stories.

The CeeDub’s yearly news cycle tends to run thusly: Parking -> the football -> the Machine (tenderly depending on editorial greek population and editor ball size) -> racist incident (this one’s a wild card. we don’t know when it will happen, we just know that it will.) -> story about whatever issue the four militant liberals on campus are protesting that week -> Subway -> story about some asshole bro being a dick to the kids at Mallet -> endless coverage about bowl tickets and people not getting bowl tickets and people going to the bowl and blah blah blah blah -> Spring.

Anyway, here’s one of the first stories about parking.

TL:DR A metric ass ton of privileged children who have never walked anywhere still treat this place like a commuter college and can’t find anywhere to park their fancy cars.


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