Judy Bonner Dance Party Kicks Off Year

Oh snap, the Judy Bonner dance party is all fired up and ready to go. The CeeDub tells me she hosted a luncheon for athletes the other day. We heard Yellawolf was supposed to show up, but didn’t. Ha, we didn’t hear that at all. But anyway, did anyone else notice that our fearless dance party leader seems to take her fashion cues from a certain lil orphan???




It’s fucking uncanny, I tell ya. Here’s a link to lil orphan annie for all you whippersnapers.

I would also like to thank the CeeDub for only making this real shitty resolution preview of this image available. There’s certainly no reason for this image to be posted next to the actual goddamn story. Get your shit together! (I kid. God I’ve missed you.)

Here is the one thing we all know about lil orphan annie. I propose you bump this and host your own Judy Bonner Dance Party.




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