Finally Admits They Exist Almost Purely to Feed the Trolls

Anyone with half a brain realizes that is a cesspool of bickering and ignorance and racism and sexism and homophobism and pretty much any ism you can think of. Whoever is in charge of that clusterfuck of an aggregator seems perfectly ok with this. They don’t moderate, they don’t make folks post with their real names. Shit’s like 4chan for people who are too stupid to find 4chan. Anyway, they basically confirmed all this today by running a story about HB56 that isn’t a story at all.

It’s just a list of comments. Awesome. Good work guys. They’re not only kicking the hornet’s nest with this bullshit; they’re building it, filling it with hornets and pumping in weaponized bath salts.

Maybe Alabama would start to get its shit together if there was some solid journalism in the state. Eh, why bother it’s so much more fun being the laughingstock of the union year in and year out.


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