Billy Reid, You Magnificent Bastard

Ok, Alabama has spent the better part of this week embarrassing itself. Let’s talk about some awesome shit for a second. Billy Reid is, arguably, Alabama’s greatest export of the past few years. The Florence based designer keeps it simple and fucking awesome. His collaboration with Levis, Billy Reid Workwear for Levis, gave the fashion geek corner of the internet a collective boner two years ago. Look at this shit:

I still have dreams about his ’47 repros, sigh:

Anyway, Reid gave a lil interview to Southern Living about essentials that should be in a southern man’s closet. You’ll note that nowhere on that list does it say “an entire outfit made out of that weird fishing material” or “visors.” Reid was being interviewed because he’s having a shindig in Florence next week. The Shakes are headlining the 24th. We’d recommend getting in your car, going up there and getting some dope clothing and eating some sort of food off a stick. Shindig deets are here. The sample sale alone is worth the drive.


One thought on “Billy Reid, You Magnificent Bastard

  1. Notice that in SL article profile pic, Reid is missing essential item #5.

    Visors – official head wear of douches everywhere.

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