I am Not Making This Shit Up

It seems like I am, I know it does, but I am not. So right now we have some political races going on in our fair state. The race for chief justice is pitting a homophobe who wants to hang immigrants vs. the guy who got fired for refusing to remove his jesus porn from the courtroom.

Now we’ve got Verna Jackson Hammons running for mayor in Cullman. Boring right? Who gives a shit about Cullman? Remember this is Alabama! Ole Verna ain’t your run of the mill candidate. Ten years ago she was on Springer! Springer! Jerry, jerry, jerry, jerry. When I first read this story I thought it said “with her lover and her husband” and I was oh so stoked that Cullman had a lesbian in the race. Anyway, Cullman citizen reaction is typical:

Joe D’Andrea · Top Commenter
Whether anyone likes or or not get serious, LOL. An out of towner? Come on folks – this is Cullman we’re talkin about.

Mind you, Hammons has lived in Cullman for 30 years. Guess she’s still a carpetbagger to this dood. This dood also looks exactly like someone who would use the phrase “out of towner.”

Hammons’ appearance can be viewed here.


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