Man, What a Shitty Day to be a GDI


The Crimson White ‏@TheCrimsonWhite
Rapper Nelly and jam band Umphrey’s McGee are set to headline Greekfest at UA on Aug. 24, according to a manager for Costa del Mar.

Were Coolio and Rusted Root booked?

Will there be passed out wookies at this show?

How long will Nelly’s set be? The internet tells me “Country Grammar” is 3:48. Sooo, 3:48? Good.

God I love shitty rappers from the 90’s and bands that every song sounds like a tuning exercise. Sigh.

Edit: fuck, the Green Bar just sent me info about Garagefest coming the 23rd to, well, the Green Bar. I’ve listened to three minutes of the first band and I’m already excited. You should be too. More in depth stuff coming:

Here, here, here click this link because I can’t fucking figure out how to embed bandcamp for the life of me.

Here’s a youtube too (get a load of that venue name. el oh el.)


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