Fuck Yes Gary Franklin

Gary Franklin wrote a letter to TeeNews. All we can say about this letter is “right the fuck on man.”

Here’s the gist of his letter:

over the last few years, the once-famous Million Dollar Band has been relegated to being called the “Ten Buck Band” because the only songs the band plays are the dreaded Phantom of the Opera Overture and Green Day’s “Basket Case.”

As a fan of the university, I cringe every time the band plays, because I fear, out of embarrassment, that it will play only those two songs. To the leaders of the university band department, show some creativity and allow the band to play new “spirit shorts” to energize the fans and the football team.

I don’t even know why the band shows up before halftime. They’re clearly an afterthought and they’re there for two things: half time and to play Rammer Jammer at the end. Otherwise, they’re kinda pointless. You can barely hear them and they carry out their duties like it’s the 1940’s. Granted it’s not necessarily their fault. The stadium is in charge of “pumping up” the crowd by blaring cliche music and deafening Michael Bay sound effects all in some lame swinging dick move to show the SEC how many speakers we own.

The Million Dollar Band can be fun, ya know? Because in the end isn’t football just entertainment? Yes, I said it. It’s just entertainment.

(this is isn’t fun. I just wanted someone else to suffer.)


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