Your Grandpa Has a Facebook, But He’s Still Writing Letters to the Editor

I sometimes think editors at the TeeNews run letters because they make them giggle. This one, wow:

Dear Editor: America’s best days are behind us. The American dream is gone for true Americans. President Barack Obama is supporting foreigners on the backs of the American people. America’s greatness has come and gone. Twenty-five years ago, we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Today, we have Barack Obama, no cash and no hope.

This one has got it all: the death of American exceptionalism, an indictment of Barack Hussein Obama and that lame Hope, Cash joke. All this letter needs is some good ole hellfire and brimstone and a little light slurring of a minority group.

Like a true loose nut spewing nonsense, there is little in the way of evidence to back up any of these claims. This is the whole letter, actually. Man, do you think he was really getting off a good zinger with that whole Hope, Cash thing? When people do shit like this it’s so much worse because it’s like when your friends post shit on Facebook and you’re all like “I saw that shit on Reddit two weeks ago” but you shut up about it because they’re your friends and with this it’s like that plus six months and this shit was never really that funny in the first place. C’mon grandpa.


One thought on “Your Grandpa Has a Facebook, But He’s Still Writing Letters to the Editor

  1. For the record, Dwight Stripling, Bob Hope mailed it in for the last half of his career and that bird finger Johnny Cash is sporting was just for you. (Is a stripling a baby stripper?) James Hallman, from Holt, and Jean Allen, location unknown, also write racist, reactionary letters regularly. Allen once wrote that everyone should watch Birth of A Nation to see what life was really like after the Civil War.

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