Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Frats

I end up in some weird places trying to find content for the Tusk. For some reason today, I ended up on reddit’s Frat sub reddit. From there I started reading a thread about frat fashion choices. Now, I’m not saying any of these boys go to UA. But, any of these boys could go to UA. The thread is pretty funny because, much like a rabid football fan who screams fag like it’s no big, these guys are obsessed with uniforms and sartorial choices.

They claim polo and Sperrys as their own and decry any GDI who wears them. Oh the irony. They have no clue that while they were still wearing cargo pants and god knows what else that the whole prep revival was started by, gasp, GDI’s. Ya see, there’s this little Japanese and extremely rare book called “Take Ivy” that pretty much every fashion geek on the web was obsessed with a few years ago. This obsession led to a revival of prep and the fratties co-opted it at some point. This is probably why fashion geeks moved on to workwear and Rick Owens…but still the simple fact remains that these toolbags are just dressing in a fashion that was trendy for GDI’s before things moved on and the Frats, ever ever behind the times, adopted it. Suck it bros.

Here are some photos from the still pretty awesome “Take Ivy”:

I also find it humorous that these guys in the south mostly hate on the north, but dress just like ivy league kids in the 60’s.


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