No Entertainment Districts For Football 2012


Tuscaloosa says no to entertainment districts for this season. I, for one, am shocked and appalled. Is this not America? Do we not have the right to walk down University Ave drinking out of a red solo cup? How are we to function under the extremism imposed upon us? Game day is a sacred tradition. Game day demands the liberation of libations in the name of America and the constitution and gee dee you ess of a. When will the tyrants realize that the citizens of Tuscaloosa deserve the right to walk from curb to curb and be holding a beverage when we fall in front of the front wheel of your jacked up extended cab F950 pick up truck on a Saturday afternoon because this is the United States. Ohhhhh say can you seeeeee by the daaaaawnnnnns early liiiiiiiigggghhhtttttt

Yeah, I can’t even keep this up. I guess this means the same “drink wherever the fuck you want” rules will apply for gameday? Good, carry on.


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