Le Sigh, Crimson White

The CeeDub ran this opinion piece about Chick Fil A. It’s generally ok, until you get to this point:

It is important, therefore, to acknowledge that Chick-fil-A does not take issue with gay marriage. Dan Cathy may take issue with gay marriage, but this is his personal opinion, and it does not appear to extend to his company.

Ok, so we’re asserting here that Chick Fil A as a company doesn’t have an issue with gay marriage? It’s just the opinion of an exec, right? Right? Wrong. A very, very quick google search reveals that Chick Fil A has a pretty anti gay marriage stance:

Meanwhile, The New Civil Rights Movement’s David Badash presents an even more disturbing figure: that Chick-fil-A has donated an estimated $5 million to anti-gay organizations and hate groups between 2003 and 2010. Source.

From the Wikipedia (Winshape being a foundation founded by Truett Cathy and funded by Chick Fil A Dollars):

WinShape has donated an estimated $5 million to conservative groups including Eagle Forum, Focus on the Family, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Family Research Council, Exodus International and the Marriage & Family Legacy Fund since 2003. Approximately $2 million was given in 2009[8][9] [10] and almost the same amount in 2010.[11][12] The Foundation’s financial support of these groups has caused gay-rights advocates to denounce the chain and has also led to movements against Chick-Fil-A restaurants and products on various college and university campuses including Northeastern University and NYU. Northeastern University’s Student Senate voted on February 28, 2012 to cancel plans for an on-campus Chick-Fil-A restaurant[13] and an online petition against the NYU franchise was also launched that same month.

It’s pretty clear that hatin on gays getting married is corporate policy. C’mon CeeDub, do some research.


One thought on “Le Sigh, Crimson White

  1. Research is HARD. *gag* *headdesk*

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