Ok, It’s Almost There

I’ll be damned, Alston Noah proves he’s not a bad guy. He’s updated his fundraiser to read:

Elephants for Lions Campaign

I love college football and I want to help Penn State but need your help. Donate $10 and then spread the word.

As a lifelong Alabama fan and UA grad, I was pained when I saw what happened at Penn State. To say there are paralllels between my collegiate and fan experience and those in Happy Valley would be putting it lightly. State College is football country the same way Tuscaloosa is.

While I pray a tragedy such as this should never befall anyone associated with Crimson Tide football, I think it is important that we all take a step back.

That’s why I am raising money as an Alabama fan for Academic Scholarships in solidarity of those students and Penn State alumni who believe in the mission of a public university. I do this for us, and them, because in the end football is just a game. It’s a hell of a game. It’s a game that can shake us to our souls and raise us to the heavens. But it’s just a game. And I know in my heart of hearts that no game won, no season, no coach, no program is worth the innocence of one child.

All funds raised will be given to Penn State University in October 2012. The President of the Student Government Association will have the responsibilty to direct the funds in his/her best efforts to promote the Mission of Penn State University through Academic Scholarships.

We still wish the funds were going to a non-profit, but this feels a lot more right. Here’s the link to his fundraiser, let’s give these folks some money. Hopefully the SGA at Penn State will funnel it to help past and future victims.

Good on ya Alston.


One thought on “Ok, It’s Almost There

  1. Paul Taroli says:

    I am a long time friend of Alston Noah. There is not a kinder, gentler, christian person on the planet. Now that I’ll tell you that, I’ll also tell you I am a PSU fan, born and raised in PA but living in Alabama, but guess what, I am NOT a child molester, nor do I justify what went on at State College. But I am grateful and touched for what Alston is trying to do. He’s trying to promote forgiveness, understand, compassion, love for the game and the spirit between the schools. Thanks for your recent postings…

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