Wow Tuscaloosa News, Way to Pander

Sigh, we’ve avoided the Chic Fil A kerfuffle for a number of reasons. They are: 1. we’d like to believe that readers of the Tusk are members of the enlightened minority in the state who view the right for gays to marry as a civil rights issue. We further believe that our readers remember that, at one time, Alabama was ground zero for the civil rights movement and carry that torch proudly in this issue (let’s get real for a sec, it’s one of the few proud torches we can carry.) 2. Bullshit politics and religion aside, Chic Fil A is fucking gross. 3. They’re assholes who sued the Eat More Kale guy and everybody should also hate them for that.

But we can’t ignore this issue anymore since the Tuscaloosa News posted a stupid, stupid, stupid editorial about Chicago and Boston’s response to Chic Fil A. We’d like to believe that the whole Chic Fil A hates the gays thing is gaining momentum because they’re trying to push into the northeast and the northeast is all like “no sir, we won’t be having your hating and religious bullshit here. Suck a dick.” Let’s take a look at the dumb shit said in this editorial.

Does the mayor not realize that the city of Chicago doesn’t get to create a set of political or religious values that it can impose as a litmus test to determine whether it will issue business licenses and building permits?

It is frightening to think that a man who would so quickly deny such a fundamental right once had, and may still have, the ear of the president of the United States.

Oh, ok Chic Fil A has rights, but gays don’t? Sorry, this is bullshit. You can’t condemn people for wanting the same chance to be miserable and get divorced and have a sexless marriage as straight folks then expect people to welcome you with open arms. Get fucked whoever wrote this. Moving on.

The efforts of Moreno, Emanuel and Menino reek of the hysterical fanaticism and excess that has come to define this issue, and it is unacceptable in a country where religious and political freedoms are guaranteed.

Good point, there is a lot of hysterical fanaticism about this issue. Granted most of it is based on a few thousand year old text that says you should be stoned if you mix fabrics, eat swine or touch a woman while she has her period. This same text also talks about dragons and says the world was created in six days. It also treats women like property.

We encourage everyone with a brain to comment on this story. Make sure Tuscaloosa knows that we are not all assholes. Write a letter to the Tuscaloosa News. Tell them they’re better than this. Fuck.


One thought on “Wow Tuscaloosa News, Way to Pander

  1. Robin says:

    Hello guy who writes this stuff. I just discovered Ugly Tusk today and I can’t stop reading back blogs. Basically, I think your hilarious. Since I don’t know you at all, I realize you could be some big hairy bald guy (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but none the less, If it were not for my gayness I would want to date you. You rock!

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