They’re Coming, They’re Coming, They’re Coming

Yes folks the annual Running of the Anachronism is coming. With Record Numbers this year!

We’re wholly confused by this university’s quaint attachment to the greek system. We’re even more confused by the university’s complicit nature in encouraging these outated institutions (early rush, allowing the Machine to exist and flourish.) We’re even more confused by 21st century women wanting to belong to these insitutions, especially here where the Machine will help them get elected homecoming queen; but shan’t ever elect someone with a vagina SGA President (you don’t want someone who gets “emotional” once a month with their finger on the button, amirite fellas?)

The fucked up thing about early rush is that it teaches these girls to put their sorority and the greek system above all else. By the time they sit down in their first class they’ve already pledged their allegiance to the friends that have deigned to let them pay for their companionship. There’s already a wall built up between them and their lady GDI counterparts (gross, they wear jeans to class and dress like people.)

This university will never reach the prominence it yearns for – judging by cramming as many folks as possible onto campus, occupancy restraints be damned – until it starts treating these clubs like what they are: outdated social organizations that enforce hetero-normative gender binaries and foist oppressive social constructs on anyone outside their creepy little circle (hot damn, that’s some fine writin.)

Never forget:


One thought on “They’re Coming, They’re Coming, They’re Coming

  1. Bo Hicks says:

    I’m curious if y’alls studies started somewhere else, was there a greek culture there? How was it different? I could be naive based on my four year stint at community college leading to limited exposure but I assumed that these organizations were at every major college. Don’t get me wrong this is in no way a defense, I’ve had some very poor interactions with these groups but mostly I just feel bad for them. It’s a good old fashioned brainwashing only dumber and more racially and socially intolerant.

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