So There’s This

I don’t have cable (I’ll thank to keep your liberal, hipster jokes to yourself.) As such, I routinely miss out on one of my favorite things: local TV news and programming. I love it. The poor production values, the shitty writing, the unintentional comedy, all of it.

I was kinda delighted when I found Alabama Music Scene TV Dot Net. This is basically the web equivalent of local TV. Questionable web design, a “crazy host” and photobooth backgrounds that, well, they speak for themselves:

Real talk though, this guy is tryin to do something cool and we respect his efforts. He talks about local dances at about 12:00 minutes. Anybody wanna go two-steppin?

In other music news, this band called the Faggetes (I know, that name. At first I thought it was going to be a band of 13-year-old Call of Duty enthusiasts) are playing the Green Bar on Friday. Name aside, they’re actually decent. They kinda sound a lil Beach Housey with a lil Harlem and an overall garage vibe. Could be a fun show?

Fucking hell, bandcamp doesn’t want to encode. Click this link to listen.


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