Columnist Tries to Stir Up Shitstorm

Fails miserably. J.D. Crowe is like the less funny version of the Tusk, except he gets paid and talks about sports more. Well today he posted a column (I refuse to call this dood a blogger) because he is outraged, outraged, that someone would dare question the character of Nick Saban.

Apparently some agent said this:

“You want to know who’s watching them? Nick Saban. You want to trust Nick Saban? I have enough on Saban right now — and I realize this stuff gets out, and I also realize the truth is a defense. I know what goes on in college football, so cut me a break.

“Everybody has something on Nick Saban, for God’s sake. And if he has a problem with anything I say, come on after me, big guy.”

Crowe says this guy is saying Saban is cheating. I say this guy is just saying that Saban is doing what every D1 college coach does: paying the athletes who pay his salary. Seriously, there should be no outrage about this anymore.

Anyway, the TeeNews ran this “cartoon” about the issue which Crowe apparently drew:

Sigh. I get that Crowe doesn’t want to think that The Coach is cheating, but nobody said he is. Is he giving perks to players that the NCAA would probably frown upon? Undoubtedly. Why do I think this? Because I am a grownup. Because I don’t think division 1 football players are amateur athletes anymore than our Olympic basketball team. Also, when I see a football player driving an Escalade with a handicap tag I don’t think that either of them were procured through NCAA sanctioned channels.Truth is, I don’t really give a shit.

You’ll notice this cartoon makes reference to Penn State. Kinda funny, no? I mean, it’s not like the whole “Coach is infallible” routine caused them any problems, right?


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