UA Rebrands Links as “Apps”

Several SGA affiliated twitterers are very excited about the new “apps” in mybama. They’re in the student tab. What do these apps do? What programs do they launch? What fantastic visuals and algorithms do they employ?

None, because they are just links to pre-existing content.

Here’s an idea for whoever is behind mybama: make an actual app for our phones. Seriously, have you ever tried to access mybama on your phone? It’s terrible. It’s worse than trying to watch porn in the shower* when your phone’s on the Edge network (att subscribers know what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, here’s what these non-apps look like courtesy of twitterer Denzel Evans-Bell who apparently does something with the SGA. I don’t know there are just a bunch of letters under his username:


As an added bonus, if anyone uses the ask the sga “app” to troll the SGA, take a screenshot and we’ll post it here. I’ll also post your tweeter name if you want more followers (we’ve been getting buttloads of traffic since we posted the sexay preacher photos, so there’s that.)





*before anyone gets their panties in a bunch about this, gimme a break. Do you really think partially waterproof iphone cases exist for any purpose other than banging one out in the shower? When was the last time you took your phone skin diving? Right. Ok, they may also exist to give you just enough time to snatch the thing out of a toilet before it dies, but mostly it’s for fapping in the shower.


5 thoughts on “UA Rebrands Links as “Apps”

  1. RGG says:

    I just discovered this blog recently, and I’m hooked. I agree, I can’t believe UA doesn’t have a myBama APP. Ridiculous.

  2. UglyTuskFan says:

    Thanks for your concern, but next time it would be best if you address your concerns to people who could actually do something about them, like Denzel Evans-Bell, who is the SGA VP for Academic Affairs (not just some guy in SGA). Those letters under his name that you speak of represent success that you clearly know nothing about (judging by your little blog). But anyway, here are new additions to the UA app that may appease you before you get your “panties in a bunch about this” 🙂 Good Day.

    The UA mobile app has two new features designed specifically for the UA community. Update or download today:

    Learn – access your Blackboard Learn courses from your mobile device! Faculty can post announcements on the go; students and faculty can participate in discussions, journals, and blogs, check grades on assignments, and more.
    Student – students can login to request, donate, transfer or check balance for athletic tickets with MyTickets; access your grades for all terms and current term class schedule (including map to building and instructor directory information). This is only the beginning! More student services will be added.
    Also, iPhone users can move icons around….just tap and hold an icon until it wiggles, then drag to another location or page.
    Compliments of the Office of Information Technology & the Office of Special Projects and Academic Technology.

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