Transit Routes Extended? Still No Drunk Bus.

County Commissioner Reginald Murray wants to expand transit routes to include stops outside the “city” (Ha!) of Tuscaloosa. Before I begin ranting, I want to say that I am all for this. The more transit routes the better. Public transit in this town is downright atrocious and making it easier for more folks to get to more locations is always a good idea.

Which brings me to my point of annoyance – why in the sam hell do we not have a drunk bus yet? Why isn’t there a constant loop up University to Temerson Square and back down Bear Bryant? This university wants to be among the elite. We’re getting closer to the numbers, yet we still lack frequent, reliable transportation around town. Pretty much every big university does this because it keeps kids from driving drunk. And believe me, they are driving drunk. All the time. I’m seriously scared sometimes to be on the sidewalk after 2 AM.

With some savvy marketing (which would be sorely needed b/c southern children think the bus is icky and low class) this would bring a serious improvement in quality of life in town. I implore the university and the town to get together on this shit and make it happen. They won’t, but maybe? No, probably not. Sigh.


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